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Author: Rie (original version)


A while ago, I took the Narita Express when I went on a trip. All seats on the Narita Express are reserved seats and you buy the reservation ticket in advance. Since we had a big luggage, to put it behind between our seats and the wall and to recline the seats without any reservation, I reserved the seats in the last row of the car.

On the day, I headed to our seats after I got on the Narita Express from Shinjuku and saw a foreigner who also just got it on from Shinjuku putting his big snowboard behind our seats. I got shocked. They were our seats. Let's say it wasn't our seats but just a space but if there was such a big thing as that snowboard then we could never recline the seat at all. I immediately told him that we needed to put our luggage in the space. But he told me that I could put mine in the deck. Actually there was a space for luggage in the deck. However, as long as the snowboard was behind our seats, we couldn't recline the seats, so I wanted to say that. But, I couldn't come up with the word "recline" at that time. I had no choice but giving up and he kept his snowboard behind our seats. I felt really upset.

The group including him was told by the train conductor later. They were taking random seats they were not supposed to.

Author: Rie (original version)

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