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"Do you speak English?"


"No. She can speak English. Please wait."




Author: Rie (original version)


A couple speaking Chinese came to my next ticket window and asked.

"Do you speak English?"

My co-worker next to my ticket window said pointing at me.

"No, she can speak English. Please wait."

Right after I finished a customer, they came to my ticket window. When we started talking, I realized that they didn't speak English much, actually. Anyway, we kept the conversation and I found out that they wanted to go to Kyoto from Tokyo and come back to Tokyo from Osaka. They wanted to know how much it would cost.

I told them how much it was, but they looked very suspicious and told me that it was cheaper when they calculated it with a ticket vending machine. I checked the price I showed them and made sure and told again it was right. However they still didn't trust me and kept asking why. So, I strongly said, "You can buy the tickets with the ticket vending machine and show me the tickets." They looked shocked and became quiet and then left my ticket window. I noticed they were trying the ticket vending machine over there and seemed to have left after a while without buying anything.

Am I mean?

Author: Rie (original version)
June 10, 2012, 12:42 p.m.

Funny coincidence. Just this evening I was buying stuff at Maruetsu food store, and the register woman told me it was like 750 yen, which I thought was too high. So I made a stupid face, but she kept telling me everything was right. I thought: "Okay, it's probably me who's wrong, anyway." I paid, took the receipt went away and checked it. And it occurred that she tried charging me 289 yen for a single bulb of garlic, which was, in fact, 98 yen.I went back to the register and told her, but she kept telling that no-no-no, it was right, the price is 298 yen. I had to take her to the shelf and show her the price tag, then she changed it manually to 98 yen -- their system kept showing it was 298 yen when she scanned the bar code, even though it was 98 on the price tag.

June 10, 2012, 5:29 p.m.

Oh, poor you. It was good you could tell them that you were right. I'm proud of you. But in my case, I was right. That's why they didn't buy tickets even at the ticket vending machine.

June 11, 2012, 7:14 a.m.

You can't be sure it was you who's right.

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